Vision Software

A single software platform for developing machine vision applications

Datalogic offers a single platform for developing machine vision applications, IMPACT Software Suite, a programming software that is flexible, powerful, and common to all smart cameras and embedded vision system products. This means no operator cross-training and no need to maintain different software platform. Users can transfer inspection programs from one camera to another and back again without redeveloping the application. IMPACT Software Suite also includes the Pattern Sorting Tool (PST),  a revolutionary and unrivalled new pattern matching tool for sorting applications.


  • Controls and displays images and data from multiple smart cameras or vision processors, runs on all smart camera and vision processor, provides real time camera parameter changes
  • Vision Development Manager (VPM) and Control Panel Manager (CPM) for inspection program and user interface development. Graphical icon-based drag and drop user interface – no programming required, easy to understand, tree-view logic flow
  • Provides a software development kit to integrate machine vision monitoring capabilities into HMI applications


Machine Vision Product Guide
Machine Vision Reference Guide
IMPACT Software Datasheet