VH Series

Used in IT and healthcare facilities, as well as high-speed processing, marine, and motor control applications

The GE VH Series UPS is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion range providing secure power for all business-critical applications. With a tower and/or rackmount design, the UPS adapts to adjusting network configurations as facility load requirements change.

GE's unique Superior Battery Management provides full protection to connected loads at all times and maximizes the battery life of the UPS system, while the unique failsafe bypass design ensures a seamless, safe transition to bypass in case of overload. The UPS batteries are hot swappable and the replacement procedure is simple and quick.

With a wide range of communication options including RS232, USB, relays and SNMP the VH Series is ideal for use in all IT network environments; the rugged design and unique features such as high peak load handling, failsafe bypass, true frequency conversion and fast bypass transition make it ideal for power protection in process control, railway signaling, lab analysis, wind turbines and marine applications. The full range is certified to all CE safety and EMC regulations, and to the IACS international maritime standard.


  • Unique failsafe internal bypass
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Matching battery cabinets
  • Superior battery management
  • Remote monitoring
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) >730,000 hours


VH Series