LP 33 Series

Highly reliable transformerless three phase UPS system providing power protection for critical applications

GE’s clean input Active IGBT technology provides low input harmonics feedback distortion constant for all load levels from 20% to 100% load. This allows the user to save in the sizing of upfront UPS equipment: generator sets, cabling and circuit breakers. It also reduces the disturbance on nearby equipment without the need of additional filters.

Input/Output terminals are easily accessible from the front, as are all other serviceable parts. True front access provides the possibility to place the unit against a wall or in a ‘back to back ‘ configuration, saving floor space for other customer equipment (i.e data center,…) and reducing repair time.

EMC class A filters are installed as standard (at no additional cost) in the UPS, ensuring the reduction of interference with other equipment supported in the application (telecom, broadcasting,…). This protects the quality of the customer application equipment, for example with images from a medical scanner in healthcare application.

The low footprint of the LP33 is best in class and provides the user with more space for other equipment. Combined with its low weight, it can be easily handled, reducing installation time and costs.


  • Active IGBT technology
  • True front access
  • EMC class A filters
  • Low footprint
  • Output dynamic stiffness


LP-33 Datasheet