LP 31 Series

Provides the highest level of protection for all critical loads from all utility variances and failure

GE's LP31T Series is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion transformer-based UPS incorporating the most advanced power electronics technology.

The LP31 Series UPS comprises a comprehensive and high performance platform supplying quality power for your critical applications. The LP31 is easy to install and service and suits a variety of applications and environments. Although built to withstand industrial environments, its modern design and quiet operation also make it ideal for integration into an office environment. GE's unique Superior Battery Management (SBM) protects the battery and increases battery life.

RS232 is provided as standard for serial communication. An SNMP card is available as an option for network communication. The UPS is supplied with ECO mode, allowing the UPS to operate at higher efficiency when enabled. In ECO mode, the UPS operates continuously on line in static bypass mode, transferring back to standard operation in microseconds if the utility fails and ensuring no risk or interruption to the protected load. 


  • 3-Phase input
  • Compact footprint and low noise
  • Matching battery cabinets
  • Three phase in, single phase out
  • Compliance to all safety and EMI standards
  • 220,000 hours MTBF
  • Cold start