Can I combine my safety and non safety I/O?

For safety-related applications, Turck offers IP67 block I/O modules with safe digital inputs and safe universal digital channels that can be used as inputs or outputs. The modules also feature non-safe universal digital channels and IO-Link master ports. This allows connection of standard I/Os and IO-Link devices to an IP67 fieldbus module - in addition to the safety inputs and outputs. Via the IO-Link IO hubs, up to 32 more universal digital signals can be connected


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Datalogic Safety Solutions

 Why so many different light curtains?   

 In the world of machine safety there are numerous applications and requirements that need protection. From cars to food production, shoes, electronics, etc. Wherever there is automation and robotics present, there will be demand for different types of safety solutions. 

Many applications are considered typical or basic solutions where a standard set of curtains are ideal. Simply put, these are implemented so that any beam blockage collapses the safety circuit.

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