High Performance Automation nets High Productivity Gains

The future of industrial automation is heading towards collaborative technologies and interactive communities that empower Enterprise Open Innovation (ie TopCoder community www.topcoder.com ).

The availability of proven connectivity protocols and cloud-based collaborative tools and easy migration technologies will empower companies of all sizes to a major advantage.

 Future Proofing

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Migrating from an IC693RTM705 to an IC695CMM002

Recently, I had the opportunity to assist a customer in migrating their 90-30 to a PACSystems RX3i controller. Machine Edition made quick work of converting the hardware config and code, however 1 particular module posed a problem; this customer was using a Horner HE693RTM705 Modbus Master. The RX3i does not support this module and its functionality has been replaced by the IC695CMM002. Looking over the code for this, the conversion appeared daunting at first, but with a couple of handy resources and a spreadsheet or two, the conversion was relatively painless.

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EditUserList BE GONE

For any of you that have had a chance to work with the GE Quickpanel View, you will know what I am talking about. You have a handful of QP View units (perhaps more), you have 10 or 20 users, and several security levels that need to be setup, and now you have to do this on each and every QP View, one at a time, using the EditUserList command.

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