Safety Area Laser Scanner with 275 degree sensing Radius

LASER SENTINEL is the innovative solution for safe area scanning in a large variety of applications in automation and logistic industries.  Thanks to its breaking new Hardware and Software measurement filters, it can work reliably also in the most harsh industrial environments. In addition to the basic safety function, to give a safe stop signal when a person is detected in the area, a number of important features have been implemented in order to respond to the diverse needs in the world of automation.  An intuitive Graphic User Interface allows to program easily the entire system as a whole, and backup memory makes possible the maintenance quickly and without the need of download the program.


  • Resolution: 30/40/50/70/150 mm selectable
  • Maximum distance: up to 5.5 m (safe) for 70 mm resolution
  • Opening angle: 275°
  • Programming, monitoring and measurement data: Ethernet
  • Type (EN61496-1): 3
  • PL (EN ISO 13849-1): d
  • SIL (IEC 61508): 2