Suitable for commercial applications where space, time and cost savings are required

GE's group mounted switchboard product lines offer a broad range of features and capabilities providing the optimum solution for a wide range of needs. Among the key features are traditional bolted construction for molded case, stored energy insulated case circuit breakers and steel frame ANSI breakers; Draw out construction for insulated case and steel frame circuit breakers; and GE's patented pressure connect molded case circuit breakers offering some of the benefits of draw-out breakers at a group mounted price and size.

GE Spectra line offers the bolted and pressure connected designs along with draw-out or stationary mains. GE AV5 line offers almost any combination of breakers sizes and mounting styles that may be needed - small shop flexibility with GE Quality, service and full product scope behind it.

Our switchboards are manufactured in several plants throughout North America, complemented by several more assembly centers throughout the US to provide fast service for emergency needs on a regional basis. This provides us with low cost and high quality manufacturing capability complemented by geographically distributed facilities able to provide quick deliveries for a wide range of product.

A combination of highly automated engineering capability and old fashioned experience allows GE to execute quickly on many solutions while enabling us to also tackle complex custom assemblies required by our customers.

All GE Switchboards can incorporate our full line of circuit breakers, power management components, transient voltage suppressors, meters and, when needed, can accommodate a broad line of non-GE components as your application may require.

GE's Spectra and AV5 product lines are the beginning of GE's broad power distribution equipment offering. These switchboard lines are complemented by GE's Individually mounted switchboard lines (GE Power Break II switchboards and AV3 Access switchboards), low voltage switchgear product line (GE AKD10) and GE Zenith's paralleling switchboards and switchgear.


  • Specially designed bus structure enabling them to withstand the damaging effects of a short circuit for at least 3 cycles
  • Fast cycle times
  • Cost effective design
  • EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit
  • EPM 1500 Single-point Submetering System and EPM 4500 Multi-point Submetering System