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A-Series Lighting Control Panels remote operated circuit breaker

Our A-Series Lighting Control Panel combines remote operated circuit breakers and a microprocessor-based controller in our standard A-Series panel. This Lighting Control Panel reduces energy costs by programming lights to turn off during unoccupied periods. Users can also save space and installation costs by removing the need for external control cabinets, wiring relays, contractors, and time clocks.

A-Series Lighting Control Panels reduce energy costs by providing programmable control of the breaker. The integration of the controller in the panel lowers installation costs and provides valuable space savings over traditional external relay panels. The A-Series Lighting Control Panel can be stand-alone or networked into a building automation system.


  • Open Protocol System communicates via BACnet or Modbus RTU/TCP without the requirement of gateways
  • 16 Schedules are available including a 7-day repeating schedule with 16 daily On/Off periods
  • 16 Lighting Zones group branch breakers that are controlled by schedules, manual inputs, or override commands
  • Electronic Clock capabilities includes a real-time clock, astronomical clock, and leap year and daylight savings time adjustments
  • Burn-hour tracking totals run time on breaker loads
  • Load Priority Management enables the user to set load shed levels on each breaker
  • Event and Trend Logs provide a record of alarms and status changes
  • Remote Operated Circuit Breaker Software option allows users of A-Series Lighting Control Panels to program panels using a PC-based application that makes it easy to create lighting zones, establish on/off schedules, and collect data on burn hours


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