VersaMax Controller

Powerful and reliable compact controllers

VersaMax controllers provide powerful, reliable operation. Designed to minimize costs, these versatile controllers are easy to use and support and offer a wide range of I/O expansion modules and communications options.

VersaMax Modular is control and IO that can be snapped together to provide a compact node with a smaller footprint than typical control/IO combinations.

The Micro line of VersaMax controllers provide superior functionality in a compact package. Their modular design offers the features and flexibility to match your application needs, with fast cycle times, a robust instruction set, and extensive memory that expands programming options. Programming and configuration is simple and intuitive with Proficy Machine Edition software.

For an even greater productivity boost, VersaMax Micro Plus controllers feature more memory, high-precision motion and an advanced instruction set.


  • Powerful and Reliable
  • VersaMax Modular Provides Superior Versatility
  • VersaMax Micro Offers Big Performance in a Small Size
  • VersaMax Micro Plus Enhances Productivity


VersaMax Controller