Modular, High Density, High Performance I/O

The RSTI-EP features outstanding performance and response time--the high-speed system bus reads up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 microseconds. It offers intuitive I/O mapping for quick and easy integration into your control application and maximum power reserves for future applications. RSTi-EP has faster backplane speeds than the original RSTi I/O and handles growing complexity in machine and factory automation with powerful flexibility and a consistent user interface.

The innovative RSTi-EP I/O is a powerful combination of clean layout, high density, and small footprint. It accommodates up to 64 modules and 1024 I/O points per drop, yet its 11.5 mm I/O slices–smallest in the industry–maximize limited cabinet space. The high- performance 4A system bus power supply makes it possible to power 64 I/O modules directly from the network adapter, saving on power-feed modules and simplifying planning and execution.


  • Wide Range of Communication Options
  • Hot swap capability
  • Plain text diagnostics via integrated web server
  • On-module LED
  • Small Footprint
  • Integrated SIL3 Safety