Industrial Internet Control System

Connected controls transforming your operations

GE has built on its world class RX3i and Mark VIe* industrial control systems, embedded in industrial environments around the world, to create an innovative, next generation platform for the age of the Industrial Internet.

Founded on the premise that a connected controller, like connected people, can take more intelligent actions, IICS is a Predix-ready, modular controls platform that leverages rich data and analytics to turn insights in to action. With IICS, customers can bring data to analytics that run in the cloud or bring analytics close to local data sources through locally-hosted apps.

IICS consists of Outcome Optimizing Controllers, mix-and-match I/O modules, flexible connectivity options and advanced analytics software and apps. IICS can enable process optimization and real-time control with minimal disruption to deployed systems. IICS technology is built using modern and secure technologies with roots in the consumer world in order to accelerate the pace at which the digital world influences physical systems.

GE’s IICS solution was designed to help customers meet the demanding challenges they face everyday by bringing data analytics together with real-time control to reduce unplanned downtime, minimize maintenance costs, maximize asset utilization and increase network and asset security.


  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Minimize maintenance cost
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Increase network and asset security


Industrial Internet Control System
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