Flat panel industrial monitors ranging from 6.4" through 47"

Flat panel industrial monitors allow the advantages of a flat panel operator interface to be realized with almost any video signal, including standard RGB, Synch-on-Green (SOG), Composite Synch, NTSC and PAL. We offer systems with flat panel industrial monitors ranging from 6.4" through 47" that are available as open-frame solutions or with a variety of enclosure and mounting options.

Our flat panel industrial monitors are manufactured for use in bright, hot, dusty, and corrosive conditions as well as other extremes often found in marine, military, and industrial environments such as petroleum and natural gas extraction and processing, medical and pharmaceutical markets, logistics/transportation and semiconductor industries, plus toll booth automation and outdoor kiosks. Our industrial monitors are built to standards of quality, durability, and reliability to withstand computing and environmental extremes and are backed by our unparalleled support.


  • Display sizes from 6.4” to 42”
  • Multiple touchscreen technologies offered; we can help you choose the right one for your application
  • Can be configured for VGA, DVI, S-Video, Composite, PAL, NTSC and other analog inputs
  • Wide selection of enclosure and mounting options
  • Industrial LCD
  • Sunlight Readable Display available


VAMP WN Datasheet
PACSystem RXI Display Datasheet