General Purpose Drives

Suitable for large industrial motor control of mixers and material handling applications.

The AF-650 GP drive is designed for control of mixers and material handling applications. It also provides vector modes (advanced, sensorless and closed loop) for those demanding torque applications. And the rock-solid aluminum base delivers the mechanical stability needed to maintain reliability in harsh environments.

Compared to fixed speed motors without drives, the use of GE's AF-6 Series drives will significantly reduce energy consumption.

For example, the installation of ten AF-600 FP Fan & Pump drives will result in:

  • 78% reduction in kilowatt hours
  • $30,472 in annual energy savings
  • 9 month simple project payback

The same application will avoid 17 metric tons per year in CO2 emissions. That's the equivalent of planting 5 acres (about 3.5 American football fields) of new trees.


  • Available up to 575VAC 1350HP
  • 150% current overload up to 1 minute
  • Flying start (catch a spinning motor)
  • Precise stop function
  • Electronic thermal overload
  • Speed and process PID controls


AF6 Drives Brochure