Fan & Pump Drives

Specially designed for Fan and Pump applications. Drive features have been optimized to make it a perfect match for HVAC

The AF-600 FP drive has been optimized for the range of variable torque applications, including fans, compressors and pumps. Its size makes it easy to mount in a control panel, and its dedicated features include sophisticated controls that make it a perfect match for HVAC solutions.
Compared to fixed speed motors without drives, the use of GE's AF-6 Series drives will significantly reduce energy consumption.

For example, the installation of ten AF-600 FP Fan & Pump drives will result in:

  • 78% reduction in kilowatt hours
  • $30,472 in annual energy savings
  • 9 month simple project payback

The same application will avoid 17 metric tons per year in CO2 emissions. That?s the equivalent of planting 5 acres (about 3.5 American football fields) of new trees.


  • Available up to 575VAC 1350HP
  • 110% current overload for 1 minute
  • Flying start (catch a spinning motor)
  • Precise stop function
  • Electronic thermal overload
  • Energy monitoring feature


AF 600 Fan and Pump Drives Brochure