Enclosed Drives

An enclosed panel version of our stand-alone drives. It incorporates contactors, switches, pilot lights and drive bypass functionality.

With a Constant Torque rating and built in functionality such as line disconnect, bypass contactors, and line and load filtering, our Enclosed Drive Panels are suited for your demanding applications. Additionally there are two versions to choose from: a space saving slimline panel (as shown) and a traditional style panel.

Designed for challenging work, the Enclosed Drive has been optimized to run conveyors, mixers, agitators and more. These panels include all the benefits of the core drive including: 150% overload; open or closed loop speed / vector control; advanced motor braking control; and additional enhancements like a dynamic brake chopper; Type 1, 12 or 3R enclosures; and Matrix filters.

With these and other advanced features, the Enclosed Drive Panel not only helps you meet your tough requirements but also supports your special fan and pump or variable torque requirements as well.


  • A full range of enclosed products, up to 1000HP
  • Enclosures include Type 1, Type 12 and Type 3R
  • UL and cUL approved
  • Communication options include Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, Profibus, and Profinet RT


AF 600 Fan and Pump Enclosed Drives Brochure
AF 650 GP Enclosed Drives Brochure