SCADAGuardian (NIDS)

Real-time network intrusion detection appliance for your OT network.

SCADAguardian is a physical or virtual, passive appliance that provides real-time cybersecurity and operational visibility of industrial control networks. The Central Management Console (CMC) aggregates data from multiple sites, providing high availability centralized and remote cybersecurity management.

Together they deliver comprehensive ICS cyber resilience and reliability.


  • Automatically Track Industrial Assets and Know Their Cybersecurity Risks
  • Quickly Monitor ICS Networks and Processes with Real-time Insights
  • Readily Implement a Tailored Solution Using Multiple Appliance Models
  • Rapidly Detect Cyber Threats/Risks and Process Anomalies
  • Significantly Reduce Troubleshooting and Forensic Efforts
  • Easily Integrate and Share ICS Information with IT/OT Environments


SCADAGuardian Datasheet