Data Diodes

Reduce your attack surface with data diodes

The Owl Perimeter Defense Solution (OPDS) product line is designed to support the Critical Infrastructure markets.  These cybersecurity products are oriented around protecting the data networks and digital assets (SCADA, PLCs, DCS, databases, historians, etc.) located at various critical infrastructure facilities including plants, mines, power plants, banks, substations, credit unions, pump stations, oil rigs, etc.

The concept is to protect the control systems within the facility by creating a secure cyber perimeter around the plant so that plant operations are not interrupted, sabotaged or otherwise impacted by some kind of cyberattack. The concern is not only for threats against single facilities (i.e. a nuclear power plants, refineries) but also a coordinated, simultaneous attack that shuts down multiple power substations, freshwater delivery systems or bank branches for example; leading to significant stress, disorder, and in the minds of the attackers, chaos.

The OPDS products perform two missions:

       1. Absolutely prevent any network based cyberattack from infiltrating a facility

       2. Allow critical operational information/data to be transferred out of the plant


  • DualDiode technology creates a physical separation of networks


OPDS-1ooD Din Rail Mount Data Diode
OPDS-100 Data Diode
OPDS-5D Low Cost Data Diode