GE EntellEon Power Panel

EntellEon is the new, low voltage power panel from GE, offering innovative features and exceptional versatility to streamline everything from stocking and ordering to assembly and installation. EntelIEon can be installed by a single person up to 24X size interior bus, thanks to its lightweight design. Clean front cover with improved fit and finish for increased component density, connection and operational reliability. When you save time, you can be more profitable.

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How Much Data Do I Really Need to Collect?

Over on the Predix blog there is an interesting article talking about a small project in which one of the developers hooked up his 1966 mustang to Predix in order to do engine management.   It is an interesting tale and a discussion point I have with customers frequently when discussing IIOT and Big Data, which is:

"how much data should I be collecting".  

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Datalogic Safety Solutions

 Why so many different light curtains?   

 In the world of machine safety there are numerous applications and requirements that need protection. From cars to food production, shoes, electronics, etc. Wherever there is automation and robotics present, there will be demand for different types of safety solutions. 

Many applications are considered typical or basic solutions where a standard set of curtains are ideal. Simply put, these are implemented so that any beam blockage collapses the safety circuit.

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GESCAN will be at CMTS 2017

CMTS is back this year and we will be there.  Teaming up with Automator, Datalogic, GE, TURCK and some of our other vendors, we will have some cool technology on display during the 4 day show from September 25th-28th 2017.

Why should you go? From the CMTS website:

"For more than 30 years, the CMTS audience from within Canada’s leading industries including automotive and aerospace have come together to source solutions and knowledge from the global leaders in machine tools and tooling, metalworking, and advanced manufacturing.

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GE Security 101: RTM

There has been a lot of discussions around security in industrial automation lately so I decided now would be a good time to show you something you probably didn't even realize existed; secure deployment guides.  Many times control engineers leave security up to others, possibly an integrator, or possibly their IT department, however there are a lot of things that can be done in your programming/development software to help secure your systems.

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What does an Industrial Internet Control System look like?

In my last post (read it here), I brought up the concept of Industrial Internet Control Systems (IICS) and put up a video from GE that described the concept and what they were doing to make these types of systems viable and useful for their customers. But what exactly does one of these controllers look like?

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A New Slant on Old Ethernet

GE’s latest innovation in Industrial Ethernet Switches provides control operators another way to manage and monitor their network directly in their control management tools such as Proficy Machine Edition. 

With the high-performance capability of gigabit ports, this latest series of PROFINET managed switches easily prioritize, partition and organize user’s network and provide reliable and good quality services. It is ideal for factory automation applications.

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Slim series Light curtain from Datalogic

SL2/4 SLIM Safety Light Curtains, with ultra-compact mechanical dimensions, offer Finger and Hand protection where space and cost saving are requested. Furthermore, the cascadable connection allows to fit any machinery shape and geometry.



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A Control System for the Industrial Internet

We've all heard the buzz for quite a while now about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the emergence of Industry 4.0; last week, my counterpart Carl, posted a video that gives a quick overview of GE's Predix, which is GE's take on the IIoT(see his post by clicking here). I find a lot of the conversation surrounding the Industrial Internet is about cloud connectivity and Edge devices, talking about outcomes and what we can expect from the this connected world, and while that is the most important part of the message, it falls short of actually talking about how to make it actually happen. So how are companies like GE going to make the IIoT happen for their customers?

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