MAJiK M.E.S. System

A complete MES system

MAJiK's M.E.S. system provides clients with real-time information to monitor, analyze, and optimize their manufacturing operations by connecting directly to capital equipment in the plant.

Leveraging modern IoT technologies our solution allows you to Monitor, Analyze, and Optimize your facilities leading to reduced equipment downtime, fewer bottlenecks, and reduced scrap and waste.


MAJiK’s “Monitor” data tier provides essential equipment monitoring which is perfect for trying out the basics of MAJiK software, integrating legacy or retrofitted equipment, and connecting tertiary assets such as individual sensors or low touch production equipment like conveyor belts. MAJiK connects directly to the equipment (or provides an easy to use operator input tablet) to capture Production Counts, Scrap Counts, and Utilization.


MAJiK’s flexible Analysis Tools take you on a deep dive into the root causes of issues that cost you money in your plant. Control every aspect and axis of the data you are analyzing to uncover insights. Share your findings easily with other members of your team. It’s as simple as sending them a link.


A complete Virtual Model of your equipment optimizes performance and keeps production on schedule. Recording Production, Scrap, Downtime, Temperatures, Strain Rates, Pressures, Electrical Current, Cycle Profiles, Utility Usage, and more directly from your machines helps you to understand optimal operating conditions and spread best practices across your plant.


  • Reduce manufacturing equipment downtime
  • Find and remove bottlenecks
  • Reduce scrap, losses, and give-aways
  • Get real-time alerts to problems
  • Schedule machines for optimized production
  • Increase your margins